Sunday, 24 June 2012

Good weekend :)

*I started writing this blog post a few weeks ago and never finished it! Its been super busy and crazy here, so I'm going to finish and post this now and then write an update post on everything else that's been going on here :) *

Its been a great weekend! :) We got a lot done but we also had time to relax and 'kose oss' :)

On Friday after work I made these delicious little beauties!:

So called 'Nanaimo bars'! :) They were super yummy! I got the recipe from this great blog here:

While we were waiting for the Nanaimo bars to cool in the fridge we ate sausages for dinner!

In Norway sausages are 'cooked' by boiling them in water. A little tip is to boil them in water with a stock cube added for extra flavour ;)
Then you get a 'lompe'; a cold potato pancake, place the sausage on it and then drown it in ketchup, mustard, and 'crispy cooked onion'. YUMMY! :)

On Saturday we got up early and went to the shop 'Expert' which is just 10 minutes down the road. They were having a so called 'Lørdagskupp', like a 'Saturday bargain', which was a bathoom scales for only 100kr and seeing as we don't have one at the moment we decided to buy that one! At the last Expert lørdagskupp we came too late and they were sold out (of clock radios for 40kr :P), so in an attempt to avoid another disappointment we went early! The shop opened at 10 and I expected a queue out the door, but when we got there, there was nobody! No cars in the car park and nobody in the shop :P So we got our scales :)

Then we went to the post office to send a parcel to my sister at home in Ireland and also to return *another* pair of wellies. These ones were too big after the last ones being too small! So I ordered another pair at the weekend and I just hope they'll get here before Friday, because I'm going 'på tur' to a farm with work and its predicted to be rainy and of course mucky if its a farm so wellies would be useful :P Anyway, I'm super excited about the farm! Maybe even more than the kids! :)

Then we just had a bit of a wander around, something we don't do that often, and it was actually so lovely! In 'Nille' I found this!!:

 A MOOMIN BAG!!! Anybody that knows me knows I am obsessed with Moomin (should do a post on that soon actually), so to find this just made me so happy! It'll be perfect for travelling :)

I also found this in another local shop! Its a few knitting patterns of cool stuff in Norwegian colours! I really want to make that scarf! The pattern doesn't look too difficult and I'm only working 4 hours tomorrow so I might get started then!

And! I also joined our local library! I had been in there once before and they have loads of books (obviously being a library) in Norwegian and English, but also lots of audio books (good for listening to and practicing Norwegian) and Moomin books and just lots of great stuff! Also, the bigger library in town has DVD box sets of Desperate Housewives and stuff that you can borrow!  Plus, books are so expensive in Norway (300kr/40 euro at least, even for a small one), so it just makes sense to join the library :)

Here are the books I borrowed and my 'lånekort', borrowing card :)

We also went into one of my favourite shops, the 'bruktmarked'; used market. Its a shop that sells cool used old stuff! I love finding hidden treasures, like these:

 I fell in love with this cute little jar thingy! It was only 15 kroner (2 euro) so I had to have it! It now stores our dishwasher tablets :)

 Also, I had been searching for a cool big glass jar to keep flour in, and had looked in 'normal' shops without success. Then I spotted this in the used shop and it was only 10 kroner, perfect! :)

On Sunday then we took it easy :) We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the kitchen table...

And a little later I started baking! I decided to try Jamie Oliver's 'Sexy Swedish Buns'. I love watching the episode of Jamie Oliver when he's in Stockholm! Its just like a beautiful little reminder of how wonderful Scandinavian culture is :)

It was looking a little messy at this stage!!
Here they are 'proofing' again, before they go into the oven :)

Fresh out of the oven! :)
And here they are soaked in lovely vanilla sauce!

It really was a fantastic weekend :) I'm looking forward to many more similar ones!

Hope you are all having great weekends too! :)

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  1. Rock ON! I'm so happy to see someone else try the Nanaimo bar recipe (and enjoy it too!). Those Sexy Swedish Buns from Jamie Oliver look pretty good too - perhaps I'll have to try them this week in an attempt to occupy my vacation days:)