Sunday, 24 June 2012

Update post!

I'm so sorry for being a lazy monster and leaving it so long between blog posts! :( Its been crazy busy here lately, like everybody is trying to make the most out of the summer (and why not, its a short summer and then its soon winter again!) and there have been lovely parties at work and invites to the homes of colleagues and barbecues and just lots of stuff! Its like we don't have an evening or a weekend free anymore, but its really just wonderful :)

I guess the biggest thing to write about right now is the farm visit with work! It was even better than I could have imagined!! The whole barnehage went and it was just an incredible experience. The weather wasn't rainy afterall, it was so sunny! I hope we created some good memories for the kids :) And unfortunately I didn't think to bring my camera (still kicking myself about that) so I don't have any pictures :( But anyway, we drove there by bus, and it wasn't that far, maybe 20-30 minutes away. It was a beautiful, picturesque place, out in the countryside but with the most amazing nature surrounding it, big hills and tall forests, lots of space! Our big group was divided in two and we started the tour. First we went into this 'room' that had lots of smaller pens. There were little pigs, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, a sheep, chickens and one HUGE pig! It was really 'hands on' like, the children were encouraged to jump in and touch the animals and everything, I hadn't expected that! Seeing as I didn't really grow up in a farm environment it was quite new to me, but I really enjoyed it :) Next stop was the cows! There was a huge room with lots of cows and we were taken behind the bars and in to touch the cows! They were huge and loud and one was even a bit too friendly! It was a calf and he somehow got hold of my finger and began sucking it! He didn't bite or anything, and then somebody explained to me that he thought he could get milk that way :D It was a new experience anyway! Then we went to drink a little and have a break whilst we waited to take a horse and cart ride :) The seats on the cart were made of bales of hay and it was really lovely to experience the Norwegian countryside in that way :) Afterwards we went to 'jump in the hay'! We climbed up many stairs inside this barn, until we finally reached the top. There was a huge 'pool' of hay and two platforms to jump from, one little and one really big!! I sat on the little one helping the children and before we went back down I thought 'I have to try jumping from the big platform'. I climbed up there and had second thoughts, but a lovely girl farmer persuaded me to jump and counted to 3. It wasn't that scary afterall :P
We went back outside to this huge field by the main house and grilled sausages :) Then we got ice cream afterwards! :D It was really one of those 'I can't believe I'm here' moments, when I sat on the grass surrounded by happy children and fresh air and the open spaces and forest in the distance. I felt super lucky :) After the rest it was play, nappy changing and getting back on the bus :) All of our kids fell asleep on the way home, and I nearly did too! We got back to the barnehage, put them to sleep in their prams and had some coffee :) The rest of the day melted away and I got to go one hour early! Everything really was just perfect :) Its a day I'll never forget.

The farm visit was a couple of weeks ago now, and there has been lots of stuff happening since! We had a lovely barbecue party at work one evening. We got nice food, had nice conversation and even got a little gift of a flower! I didn't expect that and I just thought it was such a kind, sweet gesture :) Here's a picture:

There have also been many barbecues, many invites and many visits, so we've been kept busy! :)

I have also been back into my favourite shop, the used-stuff-market and found some more cool things:

I don't know if you can see, but it says 'Norge' on the jars :)

And on the top!

 Yes, I found some cool 'Norgesglass' glass jars :) They're kind of 'collectable' in a way. They were produced from 1908-1978 by Christiania GlasMagasin, if I'm not mistaken. I think they're just super cool :) I also found that yellow tablecloth you see in the pictures, which is bright and summery and lovely and also a really cool old pot! We needed a new, big pot and were thinking of buying one in IKEA when we visit this week, but then yesterday I spotted that pot (Lars Erik's mum has the exact same one too, and I've used it before so I know its good). Its Norwegian made, and in good condition, but I kind of had to wonder is it.. hm, 'normal' to use used kitchen pots and stuff. I thought yeah, if I wash it well then why not? I use used glass jars for food and if you eat in somebody else's house then there's not really much difference! Plus, it was a bargain for only 30 kroner (4.30 euro or something!)!

I've also been knitting my 'hood-scarf' or I guess we'd call it a snood in English. Its coming along well I think!

Its incredibly simple to knit and will be finished in no time! :)

Unfortunately, I've also been sick :/ Really sick actually. I think its some kind of chest infection. I was off from work almost all last week. I've had a fever and been coughing a lot, with lots of pain in my throat and lungs. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see what she says. I'm not sure if I'm well enough for work tomorrow yet and I think I've infected Lars Erik :D But I've been sleeping really well! I always sleep well with a fever :D

After 3 days stuck inside the house I needed a walk, so on Thursday evening we went around our neighbourhood and I got some nice pictures:

It was midsummer here yesterday which means that its started getting darker earlier now. We used to have almost 24 hours daylight (it got 'dark' for maybe one hour between 1am and 2am) but now it gets dark earlier and its proper dark too. Its amazing how quickly it changes, I noticed it for the first time on Friday night. It was strange to experience darkness again. And a bit hm, 'sad' in a way. I feel a bit like now that its midsummer, we're heading towards winter again. And I do love winter! But summer hasn't been long enough yet. We do still have July, which is usually the hottest and best month, so I'm keeping myself optimistic with thoughts of that :) 

Anyway, I think that's about everything that's been happening here! I hope I'll be back to full health for the week ahead and able to enjoy the next few weeks of summer!

Happy weekend and week ahead everyone! :)

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