Monday, 28 May 2012


Hi everybody! Sorry for leaving it a while between posts again! Its been a busy week at work AND we've had the most amazing weather!! Super sunny and 25-30 degrees celsius!! So I've been outside a lot instead of at the computer! But I have nice pictures to share! :)

All of our neighbours are away so we had the garden to ourselves! Its also the long weekend here, so we had Monday off too! We decided to enjoy ourselves by doing one of the most Norwegian activities possible! 'Grille' (BBQ!)!!

                                                       Trampoline to ourselves! :)

Those pictures were taken on our walk to the shop to buy some food for our barbecue :) Of course we had to get ice cream for the walk home :P

Then we came home and set up our little grilling spot on the lawn :)

                                                          Our little disposable grill :)
                                                             Look at that sun!

It was all super delicious! And so nice to be outside in the beautiful Norwegian nature, just relaxing and enjoying the moment :)

On Sunday evening I baked bread and then we went cycling, just around the 'neighbourhood' and visited our old friends, the alpacas!

                                                               Bread I made :)


I have to say it really was the best weekend ever :) But unfortunately its forecasted that the good weather ends today :/ Oh well. It was great while it lasted! And I'm glad we made the most of it. They do predict the summer will be great too, so we'll see what happens!

Good Monday everybody!! :)

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