Sunday, 13 May 2012

Søndags kos :)

'Søndags kos' basically just means enjoying yourself on Sunday :) We had a nice cycle in the fresh air and now we're watching Lars Erik's mum's dog, Buddy :)

                                                                          Buddy :)

Sundays in Norway are typically quiet seeing as all the shops are closed, so its normal to spend the day with family, going 'på tur' (on a trip of some kind), or cleaning and getting other things done.

I've been doing laundry since yesterday, finally washing all of our wool under clothes and storing them away for next winter, and today I was washing all of our everyday clothes when suddenly I heard 'Oh no!'. I ran to see what it was and our washing machine had leaked loads of water out on the bathroom floor! We got the problem under control and are now using the washing machine again without any problems. I think the cause could have been that I *might* have put too many clothes in the machine. But there seems to be no damage done so we'll wait and see...

                                                         Stupid washing machine :P

                                                   Just some of our wool 'longs' :D

Yesterday I bought some things online. Things I badly needed! A 'sydvest' or 'southwest' hat and a new backack! I bought them on the Helly Hansen website as it was free shipping and even though the hat was a bit expensive, 250kr, cheaper southwests worked out at about the same including the shipping, so I thought it best to buy the better quality one :) Here's the link:
I'll post pictures when I get the parcel!

I also bought some new wellies recently as its been raining quite a lot and my job (in a kindergarden) means I'm outside for a good part of the day, in all weather, so it made sense to invest in some! I bought a nice pair from Viking and got them in record time (ordered on Monday arrived on Wednesday), however they were a bit too small :( I bought a 38/5 as that's my size but even with normal socks they were quite tight so I'm sending them back tomorrow to swap for a 39, so I'll post pictures of them too when I get them! :)

In Norway weather and clothes are a big part of daily life. In the kindergarden (barnehage in Norwegian) all the kids have several sets of clothes. They have regntøy (rain clothes; wellies, waterproof pants, rain coat, rain hat and even rain mittens!), vintertøy (winter clothes; usually a winter suit, like an all in one, winter boots, many pairs of mittens, wool socks, hats, and scarves or 'hals', (literally means neck) but its one of those tube scarves that you pull over your head, they're actually considered safer seeing as they can't catch on anything and strangle the child/adult (I use one!)), they usually have a lighter 'suit' for early autumn and late spring and endless amounts of fleece and wool clothes. There is a famous Norwegian saying: Ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær - There's no bad weather, only bad clothing. And really it is true, if you're properly atired for the weather then there should be no problem with being outside!

Some pictures from our tur:

And some Søndags kos pictures :D :

Chocolate chip cookies and lasagne! The recipe for the cookies is from a packet of shop bought cookies-they actually tell you how to make them yourself at home! If anybody wants to know how to make them I can translate it for you and post it on here :) I should mention they are 49% chocolate ;)

Happy Sunday everybody!! :)

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