Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Swimming and dinner!

Ahh :) The coffee is soon ready here and I don't have to be in work until 11 (its 9.10) now :) I slept long and relatively well last night. We were both SO tired after finally checking out 'Badeland' (bathing land). Its literally 5 minutes down the road from us and despite having lived in this apartment for over a year we hadn't been there yet!

It was brilliant! They really had everything! A big 'cold' pool for swimming laps, a big water slide (which I tried despite being a big coward for that kind of stuff!), a 'warm' pool which wasn't very deep and was a 'stille sone' (quiet zone), so no screaming and jumping around, a jacuzzi and perhaps most importantly for me, a sauna! :)

We tried everything and were really impressed! The warm pool was so relaxing! And I forgot how tiring swimming is! It was my first time being in  a jacuzzi and I wasn't THAT impressed. Yes it was okay and I guess nice but, not exactly what I expected..
Then there was the sauna :) I should mention here that I have a 'history' with saunas, going back to 2008 when I used a 'real' sauna for the first time in Finland. I haven't used any sauna since so it was really exciting to try again yesterday and wow.. It was so great! Of course it wasn't the same as a real Finnish sauna given that it was indoors, it was electrically heated, there was no cider (even though I don't really drink alcohol) and there was no 'sauna whisk' (bunch of twigs tied together that you use to hit yourself): http://www.mynorth.com/images/_Fresh_Daily/081216/Northerner/whisk-t.jpg. But still, the 'smell' of sauna was there and of course the heat, so I really enjoyed it :) I hope to build my own sauna some day :)

Then we walked home admiring the beautiful evening and made dinner as fast as possible because we were both hungry monsters! We decided to make Thai chicken curry seeing as its quick and yummy!

It was a nice cosy evening with that feeling of being tired and like we'd accomplished something. The laundry battle also continues..

I think it really is such a 'battle' because we have no tumble dryer, which to be honest we can manage without, but it just means we have to wait until the first clothes are dry before we can wash more and I just want everything washed now! :P

Anyway, we were both so tired and couldn't wait to go to bed, so we decided to sleep a bit early and were in bed by 21.20!

We really want to buy some kind of 'monthly ticket' or something for Badeland, but a quick search of the website reveals no such thing! You can buy a 3 month or 6 month card. However there is something which sounds like it would suit us, a '12-klippskort', which I'm told means you can use the facilities 12 times. That would cost 850 kroner which is really the price of 10 uses (85kr per single ticket) so you'd save 170kr with that, and I don't think there's a time limit to use it up by. I think we'll do that :)

Happy Tuesday! :)

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